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 Lost No More

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Fukara Mist

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PostSubject: Lost No More    Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:39 am

Posted: Year 17 Day 97


Atraken B, Kattellyn System - If you ask anyone what comes to mind when they think of a green moon full of life, most will say the Forest Moon of Endor. If you ask the inhabitants of the small swamp moon of Atraken B, most will tell you they have never heard of Endor. Until recently no one had ever heard of them either.

Kattellyn was discovered Year 15 Day 143. Shortly after they arrived in system, Cancerian Mining Corporation began mining the planet of Atraken, paying little attention to the small swamp moon caught in its orbit. Initial scanning of the moon indicated no presence of intelligent life. That changed earlier this year when Fukara Mist set foot on the humid planet for the first time.

Mist stepped off her ship and was greeted by a small herd of fambaa, a huge quadruped native to the planets of Naboo and Onderon. How the huge creatures came to populate the small moon is still being investigated. More importantly, and an even bigger surprise, were the tribal humans who were also residing in the swamps. They interpreted her arrival as the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

"It was very strange," she said. "I have been from one end of this galaxy to the other and never have I experienced anything like this. They treat me like some kind of prophet. Right after I landed my ship they elected me their queen and have asked me to help them. At this point I feel like I owe them something and so I am obligated to do what I can to integrate them into the galaxy. I'm worried that they will be exploited so I'll do what I can to protect them from that."

According to their oral traditions, the people crashed on the moon 4000 years ago and may have some connection to the people of Naboo. They claim to be the descendants of colonists who were traveling to the newly discovered planet when they crashed on Atraken B. Eventually they lost the ability to maintain their technology and over many generations they regressed into a primitive tribal culture. They began to worship the fambaa as a deity and shortly after that was when the prophecy took hold. Their belief was that one day someone would come to them to lead them out of the swamp.

When Mist landed her ship, several fambaa began to crowd around. The people took this as a sign the prophecy was true and elected her Queen on the spot. She felt a deep sense of responsibility to the people and decided to do her best to live up to the prophecy.

A security force was created and tasked with the protection of the people and expansion of the small monarchy. Red Fambaa is comprised mainly of off-worlders but has begun training the local inhabitants and introducing them to modern technology again. Although she is Queen of Atraken B, Mist does take some direction from the Council of the Lost, a group of elders in charge of maintaining the history and traditions of the people. Queen Fukara is not taking her position lightly and the results are plain to see. She is loved by the people wherever she goes.

"I think I have finally found my calling. The prophecy says that I will unite the clans and lead them back into the galaxy and help them rise to greatness once again. They believe it whole-hardheartedly. It is the central tenant of their cultural heritage. So that's exactly what I plan to do. They are like children at this point. They have never heard of the Galactic Empire or Galactic Alliance and are scarcely aware of anything that has happened off world in the last 4000 years. It's going to be a big job so I am hoping there are others who see this as a worthy cause."

While their past seems as murky as the swamps they reside in, perhaps the future of these Lost people will be brighter. Regardless of the path they take, time will see them rise to greatness with Red Fambaa or fall to shadow once again.

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George O Rourke


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PostSubject: Re: Lost No More    Sun Mar 06, 2016 8:42 am

Looks lovely, nice work Queen Mist. Smile
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Lost No More
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