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 The Red Gym

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Wylly Grim

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PostSubject: The Red Gym   Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:35 pm

A place for training.

--Unless agreed upon otherwise, Wylly will moderate any fighting results, to avoid godmodding. Combatants can use any other moderator for sparring they agree on. Just keep it fair.
-Jinx is a NPC and may not be killed.
--You may not kill another's NPCs without permission or agreed upon moderation
--Try to keep your training and athletic prowess real. If you are (A) at1.2 meters and 50 kilos, don't tell us you knocked out (B) 2.2 meter, 180 kilo opponent with, well... anything short of a sledge hammer to the back of the head while it was sleeping. By the same token, don't tell us that (B) was more agile on the parallel bars than (A).

Pretty much all I can think of. Have fun.


Located in the lower levels of the Training Academy in the soon-to-be-renamed Eastern Outpost, The Red Gym is the best gym on Atraken B. There are others on the moon. Every high rise has one. But the only truly professional gym is in The Red. State of the art equipment and facilities include strength training gear, two pools, saunas and whirlpools, plush locker rooms, lounge, weapons training rooms and more.

The Red is where the serious mercs, athletes and health nuts train. Service staff include trainers, medical, nutritional, rehab and even psychological. One can always find a sparring partner, training advisor, weapons instructor, or competitor for most major sports there. They aren't the best in the galaxy, but they are the very best Atraken B's population can put forth. If you are any good, you train at The Red.

To enter the facilities, you must enter the Academy and take the lifts down to the lower levels. The stair wells are often clogged with people running the wells for their training purposes, but are also a means to the The Red.

If you need something, or someone, the person to ask is Jinx. If he can't hook you up, no one can. He is a wizend Squib with a keen eye and mellow attitude. He is generally at the desk inside the sparring hall, keeping things in order and being the humble, unassuming service attendant. He is mostly ignored by most. But the real pros in the gym have a soft spot for him, and can be protective of the furry little blue guy.
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The Red Gym
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